Many people think they aren’t wealthy enough to worry about wealth transfer planning or estate taxation.
But spend a few minutes with a calculator and you may be surprised.

Add up the value of:

  • Real Estate, including your home(s)
  • Cash (savings)
  • Personal Assets (jewelry, vehicles, heirlooms)
  • Employee Benefits (such as retirement plans)
  • Investments
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Interests
  • Personal Property
  • Pension, Profit Sharing, IRA or 401(k) assets
  • Art
  • Joint Assets

Are you surprised at just how wealthy you are?

It’s taken you a lifetime to accumulate what you own. Building a business. Getting ahead in the
corporate world. Buying a home. Saving money for retirement. These are all satisfying achievements.
They can consume so much time and energy that you might not properly plan to preserve the wealth
you’ve worked for through the years.

Smart planning takes a knowledgeable partner.

Planning your estate can be confusing. There are many choices to make; and many of the decisions are
difficult, because they are so important to you. The good news—you don’t have to do it alone.

Planning can help keep you in control and prepare you to:

  • Create strategies for the wealth transferred to your heirs
  • Avoid forced sale of your assets
  • Select who will receive your assets and when they will receive those assets
  • Equalize distribution of assets among heirs
  • Maintain control of assets while living
  • Retain a degree of control over assets even after death

Are you ready to:

  • Decide whether using the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion or Lifetime Exemptions to move assets and
    value out of your estate and into the hands of your heirs during your lifetime is appropriate.
  • Take advantage of life insurance to build a wealth transfer plan that enhances what your family
    ultimately receives.
  • Develop strategies for you to reduce the impact of some of the federal and state tax obligations,
    allowing you to pass along more of what you’ve earned to whom you want, when you want.